Sydney Autumn 2013: Day 3

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brought the froggies along for this trip, crazy adorable len case isn't it? Hahah it makes me giggle internally every time i set my eyes on it.


While we were there I wake up real early there like 6-7am which is 3-4am in Singapore and most of the time i can't get back to sleep. =.= Thus the crazy eye bags boo boo.



Hey dawg, how ya doing there mate?
hahahah this dog is HILARIOUS! He never even tried to shake off the shades just keep peeking thru the top like a pervy dog!


The Brothers playing right at the entrance of QVB, the youngest looked prolly 14, 15 YO? So young and talented! I'm sure Singapore has such talents but to be performing on the streets we prolly need to do like a pile of paperwork before we could perform without risking being in cuffs midway of a performance. lol.


Lol we look crazy tired! And mad hungry!



Had brunch at QVB with Leon & May + Adrian, thank you May jiejie + Adrian for being amazingly patient and for bringing us around this couple of days!

After brunch we shopped around for a bit and Leehom invited the band to go to Sydney Fish Market for lunch so off we go for #Round2 of yummy Aussie seafood goodness!





Ahhh the prawns! So sweet and crunchy fresh i want more of it! Heh we had lots of sashimi too!

After lunch we split with the group and I brought leon to bondi beach to "pak tor" hahaha, I miss it there so much!! It's such a gorgeous place. During my last trip i stayed there for about a week in a vacation rental apartment while i explore Sydney, you can read more about it in my Aussie Travelogues on the top navigation bar. (:




Hahah he was so taken by the beauty of the coastal walk to Bronte that he went full on touristy on me and started taking 10000000x photos. Too bad it was so cold and there was noooo way in hell I'd get in to surf after my last experience lol. Surfing in winter, bone chilling cold!









Loving this unique Pylones ring leon bought me - love that he has an eye for such amazing knick knacks sometimes. (:
 Totally regretting not getting afew more because i thought it was a tad expensive [AUD35 if I'm not wrong] and at first i wasn't very impressed with it  but after wearing it for a days or so I'm absolutely in love with it and now i want more of it! They come in opaque colors, fluorescent colours etc too.




I've always felt that I'm extremely "Lucky in Life" no matter what I do, for having so much and I've always had things in my way pretty easy when even I've never really worked very hard for something,  I've never really experience anything really bad happening to me in my life either - please stay that way!

I'm always so grateful for having this abundance of love from everybody, from my loving parents, extremely excessively doting grandma and amazing fiance, and yes even from you who come by to check on me on my blog and all the amazing encouragement and nice things readers email to me and say to me that really picks me up when I'm down. 

And that i wish i will never feel complacent or forget my place or become a spoilt smelly little brat.


Can't wait for our next trip to Aussie, it'll be a long road trip then, hope we can do a 3 weeks - a month road trip so we can really explore and perhaps then I could finally go for a dive in great barrier reef or at least at Jervis Bay!

We will most likely be doing our pre-wedding photo shoot in Australia too. (:

How exciting is that! I've decided to not go with a bridal house, have actually gathered a few quotes from freelance Australian photographers, most probably we will be buying our wedding dress and suit too for the photo shoot + wedding and as a keepsake. (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sydney Autumn 2013: Day 2

Tuesday, April 23, 2013




Did you know that there is actually a "International Pillow Fight Day"?
Hahaha out of sheer dumb luck we were at Circular Quay when this pillow fight event happened lol, they were asking us if we wanted to join and we can each bring home a pillow haha


So there was a pillow fighter AKA Red range joining the pillow fight lol!
Smart ass dressing up and standing out from the crowd so in the end everybody was "attacking" him with their pillows hahaha quite a beautiful sight with feather flying all around as the pillow fight progressed haha



Found ya!
The night before leon said he wanted scones for breakfast/brunch so i was searching online for a good tea place in Sydney and i found this place at The Rocks:

The Tea Cosy; Irish Tearoom
The Tea Cosy 33 George Street The Rocks 2000


They are located in a gorgeous 180 year-old heritage-listed building, everything is a little creaky but it's still a really nice place, i'd recommend coming on a sunday so you can drop by the Rocks Market for a little shopping right after! (:








Leon had to leave for soundcheck + rehearsals for the concert after tea time so the rest of us went to check out The Rocks' Market! Where i did some shopping, bought nougats + clothes + beautiful handmade accesories etc!



These are soooooo good! Yums too bad leon missed these!


Do you sometimes feel like you're trapped and breathless? Perhaps it's time to take a break and head out to see the world.



Headed to Westfield for some shopping woohoo! Bought a rose gold bangle from NicoleFendel and a bunch of clothes and accesories.

Angela recommended me to go check out shops like Peter Alexander [mad adorbs sleep/ lounge wear! If i had more time there i wouldn't bought the entire shop! Hahaha], Dotti, Portsman, Sheike, Collette
I really liked Bardot + Sportgirl + Review too!

Lots of pretty dresses + accesories etc (:


Look at this super fun looking dessert place! I would like to own a dessert place like this, the wall decors are made of big + small tart tins!


Crooooooooook crook.


One of my favorite buys is my SportsGirl iPhone 5 case!
So afraid that i might break it cos i reaaaaally love it.

Leon was having the concert that night and i didn't really want to watch the concert again since i caught the one in Singapore last year so Walter brought me around and we settled at Lindt's Chocolate, their hot chocolate is AMAZING, so much better than Guylian Cafe and even Max Brenners, Must-Try if you pass by any Lindt's cafe! So we chit chat the entire night and that night alone we saw like 5-6 Hen's Night group walking past us! LOL

Oh and also if you're in Sydney on a Saturday. be sure to be at Darling Harbour at night because they have 10mins of fireworks every saturday night!


♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.